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My recommendation for a truely comfortable bed that supports your spine and relieves pain?  The Intelligel Bed.  Click the banner below to go to the Intellibed website.   But first…..


I recommend that you first click the video below this section to start watching my video channel regarding the Intelligel beds.  These go over the non-toxic nature and wonderful comfort, support, and extreme durability of the beds, and compare them to Sleep Number and Temper-pedic beds.  They also cover reviews of Intelligel beds by scientists and doctors.  Click on the three lines at the left top to see the titles of videos.  My family and I sleep on Intellibeds, and we absolutely LOVE them!  These gel beds are used in hospitals to eliminate bedsores.  Superior support, with no pressure on pressure points like the hips and shoulders, and NO toxic off-gassing like most other mattresses. Plus, they last up to 30 years depending on the mattress you choose (other bed manufacturers recommend replacement in 8-10 years), which gives Intellibeds incredible value.

Call 1-888-435-2339 to order a bed (with the code DrKathyKoop for a 10% discount) and the Intellibed folks can also help you decide the best bed for your particular needs, without sales pressure.  If you would like me to help, please call me at 303-758-6400.

Your body, mind and soul will thank you for a good night’s sleep!   –Kathy J. Koop, D.C.