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Allergy Testing and Elimination

Allergy Testing and Elimination

Allergy testing is done with special sealed research company-produced vials containing food and environmental allergens. During testing the patient does not come in contact with the actual substance, just the signature energy emitted by that substance around the vial. When the vial’s energy comes in contact with the patient’s energy, if the patient is allergic a strong muscle will go temporarily weak. This testing is as accurate, or more accurate than blood or scratch testing for allergies.

Examples of food allergens Dr. Koop can test (dozens available): egg, milk, grains, various fruits and vegetables, coffee, wine, yeast, soy, etc.

Environmental allergens (also dozens available) include molds, dust, animal dander (horse, cat, dog, etc.), goldenrod and many other weeds, pine, cottonwood and many other trees, many grasses.

Allergy elimination is done with the ASERT technique, using acupuncture points and meridians (but no needles are used.) While the patient holds the vials he is allergic to, the bladder meridian is stimulated, and special acupuncture points are stimulated with a “sparker” that feels like a tiny pinch on the skin. The treatment is quick and effective.¬†Usually only one treatment is needed.